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Nordic River 
Product Discovery Company

What we do

Nordic River helps transform companies
to build valuable software faster  

Our services


We offer courses for the specific roles that are involved in a development process. We also train entire teams and organizations during one or more phases of an IT project. Through the use of our tailored mixture of learning tools the development team as well as the buyer acquire valuable knowledge that support revenue, speed-to-market and cost control.


We support organizations in crucial moments of IT development, from sales to delivery. We offer online or face-to-face coaching to Product Ownership and Product Management Teams during a sales process, while specifying the requirements of a project or during the course ofAgile IT Development.

Tailor-made training

We create a plan to combine the mindset-changing effect of our courses with hands-on coaching using our methods and tools. In this way Nordic River’s tailor-made training programs open up for a rapid transformation in the organization’s culture and has a direct impact to specific projects.

We offer

Nordic River provides
inspiration and tools  
for creating efficient Product Ownership Teams

Coaching Programs

Think agile!

Teams in a development or discovery process in which Agile methodologies are integrated achieve a very good balance between focus and flexibility, and manage to shorten the chain between themselves and the users efficiently. In other words, they “build the right thing” and deliver business value in a fast and powerful way. This program provides an overview of the Agile philosophy and gives an introduction to successfully managing a project with powerful focus.


Building Product Ownership teams

Organizations and teams that focus on truly understanding pain points and the needs and values of users develop better products faster. By learning the principles of Nordic River’s Product Discovery method professionals involved in selling, developing or buying IT projects acquire the knowledge they need to create great Product Ownership teams.

How to sell Agile projects effectively

We believe that the key to selling and delivering a great and cost efficient IT project lies in “not doing what the customers ask, but what they need”. In order to do this, the first step has to be to focus on how to identify and specify the needs and requirements of a project in a collaborative and cooperative way. This program offers Providers the method and the tools to create costsaving and timesaving IT projects that deliver maximum impact to the customers and the users. 

How to order the IT project you truly need

Ordering an IT project focusing on “needs” instead of “solutions” is the key to choosing the best provider, to getting the right functions and to saving a lot of time and money. This program offers customers and Agile Requirement managers tools and techniques for better identifying pain points, effectively describing needs and precisely specifying the values of a project.

How to do requirements

A role or team responsible for specifying a project to a provider needs to focus on the outcome and on the desired impact of it. The project then has to be broken down into smaller deliverables, the order in which to deliver these “slices” needs to be prioritized, and each piece has to be implemented, tested and evaluated. This program aims to make the Requirement manager’s life easier, by training the ability to think collaboratively and to frame an IT project in an Agile perspective.

Transforming vendor relationships

When developing new IT systems the existing vendor relationship with the current provider needs to be revised, updated and transformed. By integrating the Agile perspective and Nordic River’s structured Product Discovery method it becomes easier for both parties – provider and customer –  to focus productively on the benefits of these changes and to create a Product Ownership team with very high performance.

Our customers


Companies offering custom IT solutions and needing support to improve development process, sales strategies and customer satisfaction

Product companies

Organizations developing software and searching for a fast ROI mainly based on: pinpointing users’ needs getting fast to market and keeping maintenance costs low.

Buyers of IT Systems

Organizations ordering software and seeking support for specifying their requirements, closing Agile Contracts and assuring a product that solves their needs

Our blog

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About us

Nordic River

Nordic River is a privately held company, located on the banks of the Umeå River, Sweden. Through Product Discovery we implement lean, Agile thinking in Product Ownership teams, training them to identify needs, to choose the right tools and to create the desired impact in any stage of a development process. We help to transform organizations and professionals in Umeå, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik, Karlstad, as well as USA, Britain and India.

Our method

We understand Agile Product Ownership as a development process run by a team, in which every member brings in a different perspective about needs and solutions. In order to balance the valuable, the feasible and the usable, and to get satisfactory results for every part involved, we apply Nordic River’s structured Product Discovery method.

The feeling of flow…

We believe that people and companies are meant to evolve throughout their entire lifecycle. Our aim is to give professionals and cross-functional teams inspiration and powerful tools in order to feel not only confident but excited about development and transformation processes. Nordic River starts and feeds that feeling of flow that then spreads across an entire organization, motivates professionals and generates meaningful results.

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